When When?

A Poem on Heralding of Spring Season: Though Spring season is far off, I wrote these lines based on the experience of the past. After the rains, there would be unsettled weather tending towards cooling. Finally, the Winter shall set in. This shall be real winter which I shall experience after a long stay in the moderate weather of Mumbai. When the winter shall thaw, there will be the riot of colors all around. Flowers shall bloom. Butterflies, honeybees  and wasps shall dance around the flowers. This will be the Spring.

Lo & Behold, the spring is here again.
With riot of colors everywhere.
Flowers are dancing in the wind,
Teasing the Butterflies, bees & wasps,
Nature is smiling after the biting cold.
Birds are singing in the trees,
I can hear their song But cannot figure them out in the dense translucent foliage .
When When my heart shall have the spring.
Or will it be the biting cold for ever.


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