Nothing is Permanent

All days are not same. All people are not same. The seasons do not remain the same. Nights and days do not remain the same. Days give way to nights and nights to days. Husbandman sows different seeds in different seasons. Nothing is eternal, permanence does not exist. If there is unhappiness today, tomorrow will be happiness. Always changes are taking place, some of them periodically.

The attachment to a person also fades when the person is away as it is said truly “out of sight, out of mind”. After all, of what use is the person, who is miles apart. Life does not run on the emotions alone, the materialistic needs are more important than the feelings.

Yesterday, it was I and today it is someone else and tomorrow may be someone else  who is available in the time of need and is at hand. Only a fool will latch on to the dead memories. They are past, obsolete and useless.


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